Is This Aesthetic?

I had a chat with some teens last month about their social media use; specifically, we were discussing what they post on Instagram and why this photo and not that one.

The answer? Aesthetics. Ok, so what’s aesthetics? How do you decide what’s aesthetics? The 13 year old stared at me and said, “It’s what will make me happy if look at it again.”

Buoyed by the memory of that conversation, I present this photo:

taken from my plane seat over Dubai.

Is it beautiful? Not particularly. I didn’t plan it or compose it or do whatever it is that photographers do. This is just a snapshot taken on a 3 year old cranky phone through a window.

Is it meaningful? I’m in a man made machine, in a privileged window seat up in the air watching a sunrise whose colours and transformations no man could make more beautiful. So, yes.

Is it aesthetic? Even with the blob of engine in the corner? I think the engine provides context. So, to me, yes.

And it makes me happy to look at it because a sunrise is a new beginning.


Of Couplets And Conscious Uncoupling

I have absolutely not one intelligent thing to write about ‘rhyme’ that more literate and well-versed folk haven’t already written about.

Except to say the word ‘rhyme’ made me think of ‘reason’. Which led me to the realisation that couplets end with a rhyme, which is reason enough for their existence and popularity.

Gwynneth Paltrow, I’m sure, had her reasons for those precise words in her famous divorce announcement. But doesn’t it make you think of a couplet that got un-rhymed?

See? I said I really had nothing intelligent to say.

But then again, hanging up a couplet (written in gold or black on red paper) of good wishes is a traditional decorative element for the Lunar New Year. Which is also celebrated with the exchange of oranges as symbols of gold and wealth.

Which brings me to this: does anyone know what rhymes with orange?

There really was no rhyme (or reason) for this post.


I Wandered. But I Wonder If I'm Home Yet?

My previous post was on 1 Jan 2019. Imagine that. Back then, I was sunnily determined to post about kind things, nice things and things that made the world less troubling and lonely. Then came 2 Jan 2019 …

Since then, there have been so many times I’ve wanted to write, to find some catharsis in posting but I didn’t think I needed to drag someone else’s day down with my whinging. I didn’t want to trigger something unhappy for someone else either. Needless to say, I was in no mood to look for kindness.

But here I am! By some weird and wonderful way, I received some new ‘likes’ and comments this month. Having been AWOL, I never expected any form of contact at all; I didn’t visit anyone’s sites (I am truly sorry for this). Was this a sign that it was time to rejoin the writing world? Was today’s RDP prompt – Wander – a metaphorical kick in the butt? A reminder that it was past time to let things out? And maybe then be able to let things go? Perhaps. Or perhaps writing is going to be a huge mistake because it means I’ll have to tell some, if not all, of my metaphorical wanderings. Am I ready for this much sharing?

Life hasn’t gotten any easier by any means; indeed, it could very well get worse this year. But without turning this into a soap opera, I’ll write. I’ll write about my wandering, missing year and, yes, I’m looking out for kindness again – there were many who were kind to me when I didn’t even know I needed that little extra smile.

So, hello friends, old and new! If you’ll bear with me, I’m back.


Happy New Year

Will it shock anyone if I say it’s been almost a year since I started blogging?

The plan was to shine a light on acts of kindness in the little corner of the world around me. But, along the way, I found myself sharing other thoughts, photographs, and even writing creatively, none of which I’d planned. Should have known better than to plan, right?

But this blogging endeavor also made me respond to other posts, comment on other written pieces, and I found kindred spirits in another little corner of the world. I thank you all for that.

So I’m sharing my January 2019 bullet journal cover page. And, yes, bujo’ing is another thing I never thought I’d do. Which seems ironic: I never planned on planning.

I chose tbe ladder because it represents where I am (at the bottom) and where I hope to be. I have loads of flaws and issues, but I’ve come to realise that acknowledging these flaws is the first step to making changes and improvements.

Have a happy, safe, healthy, peaceful and meaningful 2019, everyone.

Giving Bus ~ Act of Kindness #34


I came across this article on my newsfeed today and thought I’d share it with everyone.

Mr Curtis Jenkins is a Texas schoolbus driver and had chatted with his young passengers about what they’d like for Christmas. Then he bought these gifts for each child, out of his own money.

I say thank you, Mr Jenkins.

You have given those children more than just Christmas gifts; you have shown them what it means to be kind, generous, and to open your heart to others. You gave them the gift of a precious memory I hope they will cherish.

The article can be read here.

Merry Christmas!

Hello, everyone!

I’ve not been writing as much as I’d have liked. Lots of things have popped up and I’ve learnt that dealing with unexpected developments can be very time consuming. I shan’t bore anyone with the details.

Thank you all for stopping by to read, comment, nominate for an award or two, and for keeping me company on my blogging journey! It’s been almost one year since I started and it’s been so much fun!

The family and I managed to get away for a few days and I wanted to share these cuties with you. I found them at a Christmas market and could not believe they were being sold for approximately US$1.50. They’re butter cookies and taste better than they look!

PS – There were at least 6 more cookies in the box but they got eaten before we remembered to take a photo. 😬

Lights Up!

I had the pleasure of a quick night time drive through Orchard Road in Singapore in mid-November.

These shaky cellphone pictures from a moving vehicle really don’t do justice to the Christmas lights. The theme, which some have questioned as being un-Christian, is ‘A Disney Christmas’.

But what struck me was how, a three-minute drive from the end of the shopping belt, we came across this other light up for Diwali or Deepavali – the Hindu Festival of Lights, in Little India in Serangoon Road.

This festival celebrates the triumph of good over evil, knowledge over ignorance and light over darkness.

How wonderfully brilliant that two diverse festive occasions can be celebrated peacefully and harmoniously almost side by side.