The word “weaves” made me think of Louisa May Alcott and every other writer who has successfully woven people, places and plots into stories that have captured our imaginations for centuries.

I am in no position to critique anyone’s writing; I only know that there are books I enjoy and happily reread, and there are those I scratch my head over, and go “huh?”.

I read Alcott’s books as a teen, and nearly had Little Women as my English Literature text. It was changed to another book and we were never told why. Perhaps this was a good thing so my connection with the March girls was not influenced by any class discussions or dissections. On the other hand, there might have been much more depth and understanding to be gained.

Regardless, I do have two questions: Do you think a contemporary book called Little Women would go down well with readers today? How would you respond to being called a “little woman”?


RDP ~ Weaves

7 thoughts on “Woven

  1. Not well I suspect. If it wasn’t for the fact that they remake the movie every few years I wonder if this classic would even still be read? I enjoyed it when I was young, but can see flaws in it now, although I never did like the ending. I guess it’s a product of it’s time.

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  2. Right now I wouldn’t like to be called ‘little woman’, maybe as a young girl I wouldn’t have minded. As far as the title goes, it is not catchy for the present generation.
    Though I do admit I loved the book as a teenager.

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