Happy International Sloth Day!

Yep, 20 October is International Sloth Day.

I had no idea about this day until I received several messages and links to informative sites about this cuddlesome, smiley animal. I am known for my soft spot for sloths and I have tremendous respect for those who have stepped up to care for these slow moving, harmless animals, particularly in the sanctuaries in Costa Rica.

Here are some fun facts about sloths:

– they don’t have claws; those are finger bone protrusions that grow up to 4 or 5 inches

– they poop once a week and climb down from wherever they are to do so

– they can develop an attachment to a stuffed toy and kick up a fuss when it gets taken away for a necessary wash

– during mating season, their calls can shatter the peace of any sanctuary

– they can hold their breaths underwater for more than 30 minutes.

Have a great weekend!

sources: National Geographic; travelandleisure.com


Girl Hair Blowing Blonde Woman Behind Back

She left her home
Boarded the final bus
She couldn’t look back
Her eyes … wet.

She settled in a small town
Took a job in a diner
She worked two shifts
Her life … sweaty.

She signed up for school
She needed better prospects
She struggled to juggle
Her nights … teary.

She graduated
She married
She settled down some.

She moved
She had kids
She wanted for nothing.

She volunteered at church
She bookclubbed with the ladies
She longed for her old country
Her heart … clammy.

He started working later
They left for college
She felt her home had left her
Her pillow … damp.




I came across this simple but poignant poem while on a train in London.

The search for better circumstances has long been a motivation for the paths and choices of living things. Even when those choices weren’t really choices but instincts for survival.

Migration is indeed today’s word. As it was yesterday’s. As it will be tomorrow’s.



WP44 270518
picture: billithecat

Seriously, child, thereโ€™s three days left!
Let me rephrase thatโ€ฆ
Actually thereโ€™s two.
Perhaps itโ€™s really time
Dad and I took over?
Assist in your packing?
Stuff your things in your bags?
HELP! Did you order any boxes?