Happy International Sloth Day!

Yep, 20 October is International Sloth Day.

I had no idea about this day until I received several messages and links to informative sites about this cuddlesome, smiley animal. I am known for my soft spot for sloths and I have tremendous respect for those who have stepped up to care for these slow moving, harmless animals, particularly in the sanctuaries in Costa Rica.

Here are some fun facts about sloths:

– they don’t have claws; those are finger bone protrusions that grow up to 4 or 5 inches

– they poop once a week and climb down from wherever they are to do so

– they can develop an attachment to a stuffed toy and kick up a fuss when it gets taken away for a necessary wash

– during mating season, their calls can shatter the peace of any sanctuary

– they can hold their breaths underwater for more than 30 minutes.

Have a great weekend!

sources: National Geographic; travelandleisure.com

7 thoughts on “Happy International Sloth Day!

  1. oh, i didn’t know those facts. there was a park when i was growing up – in Brazil – full of them. i remember my parents pointing them out up on the tree…. they’re no longer there. they were sent to a sanctuary not open for the public night and day for their protection.

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