Today, as I shifted some furniture around, a tiny millet seed rolled out. And I wanted to cry because it brought back memories of the family baby – Snowball the Hamster, who died almost to this day last August.

Snowball came to us as our friend couldn’t stand the thought of him being lonely after his siblings had been adopted. We’d had no plans for a pet, much less a high maintenance attention seeker like Snowball.

If we had our meals, he wanted his treats.

If we returned from an outing, he’d be at his little house staring pointedly at us felons for daring to abandon him for two hours.

If we cleaned his cage, he’d scurry to his spot behind the sidetable to have a munchfest on whatever seeds he had in his cheekpouches. When we were done, we had to wait till he was. The three inch King of the House would sashay out and clamber back into his Castle.

Obviously, the little seed had been lodged somewhere, unnoticed for almost exactly a year. Or Snowball was reminding us of his presence.

I miss the little guy.



19 thoughts on “Fluffy

    1. He was a right character whom we still miss. We are reluctant to adopt another furbaby (we were once offered a gorgeous marmalade kitten) because it’s so hard to say goodbye. Does that make sense?


  1. Aw just lovely. I’ve just lost my elderly dog and I keep thinking she’s in the next room. Then of course you go in and she’s not there. I found an old sock we used to put on her lame foot to protect it, and there I stood, sniffing a smelly old sock, tears streaming down my cheeks, because it smelled of her. Aw wee Snowball looks adorable. Love comes in all sizes and types.

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  2. Aw my condolences – a year late. Snowball looks like a real cutie.
    My kids and I had many hamsters, many years ago, but I am still reminded of them if I have a little piece of carrot, or take frozen peas out of the freezer. One hamster would come to the front of his large cage and demand his treat! Who knew frozen peas even had a scent? πŸ™‚

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