Staycation Surprise ~ Act of Kindness #23

WP44 270518
photo: congerdesign

My family decided to spend the weekend at a hotel recently. One member had completed college exams, another had passed a test, and the rest just wanted to relax and have some fun.

On Saturday evening, the adults left for dinner within the hotel while the younger members went off in search of their chosen meal (no hotel buffets, thank you very much, we want Mac’s and fried chicken – go figure).Β When we returned, there was a gorgeous chocolate birthday cake and a birthday card on the coffee table, with compliments from the hotel.

None of us had said anything about celebrating a birthday, and certainly none of us had requested or ordered a cake. Yet there it was, with enough for all of us.

Apparently, the guest relations officers had seen the birth date on the registration card and decided to make the day extra special.

While the cynical might pass the gesture off as standard hotel PR or hotel gimmick, I would prefer to see it as a lovely, kind gesture. The young birthday girl was certainly thrilled to bits.

So, thank you, Pan Pacific Hotel. It might have been just another day in the PR office for you, but it was a special day for us all.



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