When Sandy Met Christine

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My colleague, Sandy Mohan, was sent to collect some documents and resource packs from an associate from another division.

Sandy called the office ten minutes after the designated time to say Christine Li had yet to arrive. Had there been a message to the office? What should she do?

We checked with Christine’s office, only to be told she had called to say she couldn’t find Sandy at the location. Was there a mistake in the venue? Or time or day? Or something?

Two perfectly professional women making the same error? Not likely.

The mystery was solved when Sandy returned to the office and told her story in fits of giggles.

Turns out that Sandy – who is Korean and married to an Indian – was looking out for a Chinese woman. Christine – who is Indian and married to a Chinese – was looking out for an Indian woman. Both women were using their married surnames, and they had been standing almost side by side the entire time, never realising who the other was.

Even in a multicultural and multiracial environment where I work, this incident continues to cause hilarity. Sandy and Christine have become close friends. And I’m thankful we can all laugh along and celebrate our diversity.




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