Theme and Variation

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photo credit: neonbrand

Some of you may have noticed a change in my blog theme. Some of you may have even noticed this is the third change in as many days.

You see, I’d wanted to tweak the blog a bit, given that it’s been two months since I first posted anything (has it?!). Then I discovered the theme I’d been using has been retired. So I chose another one but somehow it didn’t feel right. I left it for a day and couldn’t see myself keeping that look.

This morning I made the decision to change the theme again. I sat down and devoted myself to selecting something that would be restful and pastel, inspired by those awesome macarons (and a quick lesson on the difference between a macaron and a macaroon, which led to more pictures of awesome treats … ).

Then came fonts and headers and colours. Did I want a header image? Did I want to use combination fonts? Should I have drop caps? By the time I was done, it was two hours later. The whole process was a maze in tech-land. Can you tell I’m not a techie?

Long story short, it’s done.

Thank you all for your support and for dropping by, reading, liking and commenting. I hope you like the makeover.



And Bekah – thank you for the inspiration.



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