The Suspension of Time

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photo credit: skeeze

I sat before the TV, rapt and in awe of the grace, skill and athleticism of the ice dance competitors in the 2018 European Championships.

Pair after pair glided seemingly effortlessly across the ice in perfect unison, and in gravity-defying lifts and spins. Humans were not made to wear floaty dresses or sparkly shirts to dance on blades on ice!

Not every pair completed their programs unscathed – some stumbled, some had a sequence out of sync. But there is no denying the time, energy and commitment each has devoted to this sport. Nor the talent and passion.

Then came Gabriella Papadakis and Guillaume Cizeron. Time stood still as the ice became the canvas for their art. If I was in awe before, I was speechless now. For several minutes, I was spellbound by this poetry in motion. The Moonlight Sonata will forever be associated with this record-breaking performance.

I am not a skater. I can’t tell a lutz from a loop. But I can suspend time for a few moments to appreciate beauty, and savour some moments of bliss.





2 thoughts on “The Suspension of Time

  1. Thank You for this post. I know ice dance, but we watched biathlon from our TV. It is skiing and shooting. In this sport man measures skiing speed and shooting skills. You can never be sure of the winner.
    Happy new week.

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