The Crossing ~ Act of Kindness #1

The Crossing ~ Act of Kindness #1

WP1A 150118
photo credit: mauro mora

So there I was, approaching such a crossing. Already poised to cross were two teens.

The lights changed but instead of crossing, they turned back to stare pointedly at a younger child. She stood beneath a tree, steadfastly refusing to proceed, crossed her arms and sat on the bench. The teens shrugged and continued on their way.

I had reached the crossing by then, and had to wait for the next light change. The teens had disappeared from view but the child had stood and scrunched up her face, pacing before the tree.

Out of seemingly nowhere, an auntie appeared and bent to ask the child if she was lost. Then another auntie appeared, already digging out her phone and asking, “Eh, girl, where’s your mummy?”

I was on the verge of going up to explain about the teens when the lights changed and we were all swept forward. The aunties held her hands and, reaching the other side, they continued to ask her for her name and where she’d last seen her family.

Then there was a shriek and one of the teens popped out from a store. The child shrieked back. Reunion.

The little drama at the traffic crossing could have ended in a different direction. But what matters were the aunties who stepped up to help a child they didn’t know.

Thank you, aunties. Your kindness enriched my day.

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