Here’s a golden find in York, UK.

If you look carefully to the lowerish left of the photo, you can see a golden ram poised above the entrance of The Golden Fleece pub and inn.

This is supposedly the most haunted pub in York, and one of the most haunted buildings in Britain because it is said to host more than 14 spectres.

If you’re up to it, the inn has 4 lovely rooms available for your holiday in York.



I Wander, I Wonder … #3

Check out the fearless feline atop the roof of the Duke of York pub in York, UK. This cat is one of the city’s whimsical sculptures.

Here’s a link to a website that provides more information on these cats (there are about 20) and walking tours you can go on to spot them!

The photo below shows part of York Minster. This cathedral is a wonderful representation of the English Gothic period (1230 – 1472).

Or you could, quite literally, end up in the Dog House, which is really a hotdog stand in the market place.

Have a wonderful day!