Clothes Maketh The Man

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photo credit: braydon anderson

Son:     What’s a costume?

Dad:     An outfit we wear when we pretend to be somebody else.

Son:     Like at Halloween?

Dad:     Yes.

Son:     Like Superman?

Dad:     Yes.

Son:     Which is his costume? The cape clothes or the ordinary clothes?

Dad:     The cape clothes. He only wears that when he needs to rescue somebody. The rest of the time he’s in ordinary clothes, like us.

Son:     But doesn’t he wear cape clothes all the time? Cos when he changes, he doesn’t have a bag. So they must be under the ordinary clothes.

Dad:     Okaa-aay. You have a point.

Son:     So his ordinary clothes are his costume, right? To hide the fact he’s Superman? He’s pretending to be ordinary?

Dad:     Well, yes. He probably doesn’t want everyone to know who he really is.

Son:     Why? He’s a good guy, right? Why does a Superhero want to pretend to be ordinary?

Dad:     So that he can do his job better. And be among the people he can help.

Son:     So when you go to work in your suit, are you pretending to be somebody else? Cos you said you like your shorts.

Dad:     That’s my office attire. It’s like your school uniform – you need to wear a certain set of clothes at a certain time so people know who you are. That’s not pretending.

Son:     Huh. So, what about a birthday suit? Is that a costume too?