I chanced upon this offer at the supermarket.

To be honest, I’m not sure if it’s a savvy sales tactic, an unwitting instance of irony or a jocular effort by a PR person with a sense of humour.


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Can A Hole Be Eaten?

So we know a hole is a space that once had matter present, e.g., a hole dug in order to plant something.

Or it’s a purposeful space, e.g., nostrils.

If we accept that holes are intangible objects that we cannot actually hold in our hands, how do we explain this?

Just sayin’. ๐Ÿ˜น


Of Couplets And Conscious Uncoupling

I have absolutely not one intelligent thing to write about ‘rhyme’ that more literate and well-versed folk haven’t already written about.

Except to say the word ‘rhyme’ made me think of ‘reason’. Which led me to the realisation that couplets end with a rhyme, which is reason enough for their existence and popularity.

Gwynneth Paltrow, I’m sure, had her reasons for those precise words in her famous divorce announcement. But doesn’t it make you think of a couplet that got un-rhymed?

See? I said I really had nothing intelligent to say.

But then again, hanging up a couplet (written in gold or black on red paper) of good wishes is a traditional decorative element for the Lunar New Year. Which is also celebrated with the exchange of oranges as symbols of gold and wealth.

Which brings me to this: does anyone know what rhymes with orange?

There really was no rhyme (or reason) for this post.


Plaintive Plantains

Yes, I know plantains are not bananas, but are members of the banana family. I’ve tried eating one on its own so I learned the hard way.

Nonetheless, I needed a creative literary sounding title to sum up this situation at the supermarket, hence the title.

A supermarket with a sense of humour is just the thing in the shops today.

Have a great weekend!



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picture: billithecat

Seriously, child, thereโ€™s three days left!
Let me rephrase thatโ€ฆ
Actually thereโ€™s two.
Perhaps itโ€™s really time
Dad and I took over?
Assist in your packing?
Stuff your things in your bags?
HELP! Did you order any boxes?