History Snaphot ~ Act of Kindness #25

I’m pretty sure folks know by now that leaders Donald Trump and Kim Jong-Un will be meeting on 12 June in Singapore. As I write this, it is in the early hours of 11 June. Both leaders have apparently arrived in the city state but have yet to meet.

But here they are on an artist’s easel!


I chanced upon this talented gentleman in a mall, and he was kind enough to allow me to photograph him and his work. Thank you!


Don’t Box Me In


Many, many moons ago, The Tiny Tot was presented with a 12-in-1 type of baby’s toy. You know, the type where you slot shapes, bang at 5 musical slats, twirl coloured balls, and count wooden beads? The toy was meant to be educational, stimulating, challenging and all things good for the baby’s cognitive development, coordination and such.

The Tiny Tot was having none of it. He went for the box.

He sat in the box, made appropriate noises and said it was car. He swiped his spoon alongside it and said it was a boat. He held a kitchen towel roll core in front of it and said it was a tank. He beat it with his spoon and said it was a drum.

He put the box on its side, climbed in and said it was his house. He put it upside down, sat before it and said he was at school.

He put the box on Grandpa’s back and said Grandpa was a turtle.

The toy sat neglected in the corner.

And The Tiny Tot’s parents learnt to see the world through eyes that saw out of the box.