Giving Bus ~ Act of Kindness #34


I came across this article on my newsfeed today and thought I’d share it with everyone.

Mr Curtis Jenkins is a Texas schoolbus driver and had chatted with his young passengers about what they’d like for Christmas. Then he bought these gifts for each child, out of his own money.

I say thank you, Mr Jenkins.

You have given those children more than just Christmas gifts; you have shown them what it means to be kind, generous, and to open your heart to others. You gave them the gift of a precious memory I hope they will cherish.

The article can be read here.

Merry Christmas!

Hello, everyone!

I’ve not been writing as much as I’d have liked. Lots of things have popped up and I’ve learnt that dealing with unexpected developments can be very time consuming. I shan’t bore anyone with the details.

Thank you all for stopping by to read, comment, nominate for an award or two, and for keeping me company on my blogging journey! It’s been almost one year since I started and it’s been so much fun!

The family and I managed to get away for a few days and I wanted to share these cuties with you. I found them at a Christmas market and could not believe they were being sold for approximately US$1.50. They’re butter cookies and taste better than they look!

PS – There were at least 6 more cookies in the box but they got eaten before we remembered to take a photo. 😬

Lights Up!

I had the pleasure of a quick night time drive through Orchard Road in Singapore in mid-November.

These shaky cellphone pictures from a moving vehicle really don’t do justice to the Christmas lights. The theme, which some have questioned as being un-Christian, is ‘A Disney Christmas’.

But what struck me was how, a three-minute drive from the end of the shopping belt, we came across this other light up for Diwali or Deepavali – the Hindu Festival of Lights, in Little India in Serangoon Road.

This festival celebrates the triumph of good over evil, knowledge over ignorance and light over darkness.

How wonderfully brilliant that two diverse festive occasions can be celebrated peacefully and harmoniously almost side by side.