What Are We Doing?

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photo credit: esther merbt

Son: Why are we walking on these stones with no shoes on? It’s painful!

Dad: Walking barefoot on stones massages and stimulates the reflex points in our feet.

Son: Huh?

Dad: When you walk on the stones, there’s pressure on your feet, right?

Son: Totally.

Dad: That pressure is a form of massage. Massaging the different parts of your feet improves blood circulation to different parts of the body.

Son: Get real.

Dad: It’s true. Even helps with blood pressure and cholesterol problems.

Son: Says who? Ow!

Dad: Traditional Chinese medicine practitioners.

Son: We’re not Chinese.

Dad: The stones won’t discriminate.

Son: How do you know this is good for you? Did you ask Dr K?

Dad: Dr K’s always said we need to walk more to get fit. So, if walking on stones improves health, then we’re getting double fit.

Son: Haha! Ow!

Dad: Anyway, I checked online and read up about foot reflexology.

Son: Right. So, how about running? Like regular surface running? That good?

Dad: Not so good. Bad for the knees.

Son: Then this is really bad.

Dad: Why?

Son: Because the dog’s made off with your shoes.