Three Days, Three Quotes Challenge ~ Day 1

So I found out I’d been issued a challenge this morning …

My delightfully friendly procrastinator blogger pal – yes, you, Confessions of An Irish Procrastinator – blithely tagged me to complete a challenge: thank the nominator, come up with three quotes, one a day for three consecutive days, and nominate three other bloggers each day to fulfil the same task.

Now, I slink away from awards because they make me uncomfortable. But sharing quotes that have impacted me and helped shape my value systems? That I think I can do.

So here’s my quote for Day #1:

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photo credit: alexa gaul

I have a tremendous respect for Dr Angelou’s work and I love this quote, which has guided my interactions with others. I hope I’ve never made anyone who knows me feel anything less than positive.

My nominations to continue this challenge are:

~ Chasing Quotes

~ A Qoder Blog

~ theempathyqueen

I totally understand if you choose not to participate. If you do, have fun!

PS ~ Thank you, Irish Procrastinator, for sending this fun opportunity my way.