Rogue Rider ~ Act of Kindness #31

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If you were a cab driver, and you discovered that your last passenger had left his mobile phone in your back seat, what would you do?

This particular driver drove back to the condo where he’d dropped his passenger off, intending to return the phone. What happened next? The passenger beat him up.

Yes, that’s exactly what happened. According to a news report, the driver managed to locate the passenger at the condo BUT the passenger concluded that the driver had stolen his phone and attacked him. Eye witnesses said the driver hurt his wrist and was forced to drive off with his doors still open, to escape the passenger’s wrath. The condo security guards did nothing to intervene, despite other residents asking them to do so.

In the end, the police were called. In court, the passenger was defended as being overstressed by work and having been drinking. He has since been charged with causing hurt and assaulting a public servant, and will spend four weeks in jail.

I am saddened on so many levels.

I keep thinking: How could the driver have stolen the phone? If he had, why would he then return to the condo? Why did the guards do nothing? If stress and drink reduced this man to such an act of violence, was it his first time? Will he do it again? Stress and drink won’t magically leave our lives. The man possibly needs more help than a jail sentence. What of the driver? Will he bother to return the next lost item? Will he view his passengers with a degree of caution and mistrust?

But most of all, I keep thinking: what is the price of an act of kindness? Or honesty?

It’s not something I had to think about before.


9 thoughts on “Rogue Rider ~ Act of Kindness #31

  1. I can vividly remember entering a hi-rise office building, and holding a fairly heavy glass entrance door open for a lady behind me. The response was “What’s your problem? Don’t you think I can open my own doors?” It did not stop me from doing it on other occasions, but it certainlky makes me think whether it really is worth it (of course it is)! 🙂

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  2. Rudeness is certainly quite common however, there is so much courtesy and general humane actions that we can focus on. I used my commute to work (I am now retired) analogy numerous times:

    My drive to work uses a major highway and, during my 30 minute + journey, I probably share the road with around 1000 other vehicles. When I get to work, I will remember the idiot who changed lanes in front of me with no turn signals. The nutcase who suddenly found his exit and went direct from the fast lane and across 3 lanes of traffic to get onto it! I will remember the moron who was riding my rear bumper for a few miles. I will remember those 3 drivers, and probably talk about them over coffee at work, but I will not think about the 997 vehicles that were not an issue!

    Sometimes we just have to consciously look at the big picture … and the world really is not that bad! 🙂

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